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RMS University

RMS University (RMSU) is a place where beginners, experienced users, and everyone in between can learn about New and Existing, Features and Functions of RMS9+.

The courses comprise of Videos, Help Files, and a Quiz at the end of the course. Once a course is completed, you are supplied with an RMS Certificate of Completion.

These courses can be used by and are available, but not limited to:

  • Existing RMS users to upskill themselves and colleagues

  • Existing RMS users that are looking for new employees with Certified RMS experience

  • People looking to gain Certified RMS Experience before applying for a position

***Please note that RMS has been optimised for Google Chrome and other Browsers may have issues with progressing through the courses.

Learning Paths and Courses

This first grouping of courses comprises of the basic functionality that is needed for someone to understand the basic functions of a Front Desk agent.

They are listed here in the recommended order that they should be taken, but it is not entirely necessary to complete them in this order.

This Learning path is aimed at more advanced users of RMS and management who are looking to further advance their knowledge of existing features and functions and to better utilise these to their benefit.

Here you will find a list of Features, Functions and Modules where you are able to the full functionality from Setup to Usage to Reporting.

When setting up Rates in RMS they can be as simple or as complex as you need for running your business.

In this section you will find an introduction to RMS Rates and then several add on courses that will help you create the rates you need for your business.

Coming Soon...

Watch this space as more Courses and Learning Paths are being added regularly.

You never really know what you don't know so, come back frequently to keep yourself up to date and on top of the game.